Turn The Page To The Next Chapter Of Your Life With Confidence

My 10 years of experience in Texas family law and my own life experience have given me a deep understanding of the challenges you face in your divorce, child custody dispute or domestic abuse case. Past clients have said I am passionate, easy to talk to, and honest. My peers in the legal profession know that I do not hesitate to go to court when necessary.

I am attorney Marianne Howland, in Dallas, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss your family law matter. I am ready to help you discover and pursue the solutions you need to get to the other side of your obstacles well-prepared for the future.

Can You Settle Out Of Court?

It is important to me for family law clients to have realistic expectations. To this end, I diligently explain options clearly and educate my clients carefully. Resolving your divorce out of court can help you transition more positively to co-parenting while no longer married. Even if your marriage is without children, an out-of-court settlement can also be advantageous by not depleting your assets on unnecessary legal fees.