How Might Domestic Abuse Allegations Affect Your Family Law Case?

Domestic abuse allegations are a vital concern in your family law case whether or not it has been reported to the police. Whether the matter is an example of abusive men and violence against women, or abusive women and violence against men, domestic abuse is intolerable and can affect your divorce or child custody case. This is true whether you are the one who has experienced abuse or the one accused of inflicting it.

Protect Your Right To Safety — Use Evidence Of Abuse In Your Divorce Or Custody Case

You may hesitate to call the police when your spouse inflicts abuse on you. You may not want to get a criminal case on the books, but you don't know what to do. Or the abuse may be so severe you need advice on how to protect yourself and your children. Contacting an experienced family law attorney is highly advisable in such cases.

I am Marianne Howland and I am available to advise and represent you if your spouse or domestic partner is threatening or harassing you or has harmed you physically. My legal career after law school started out in a women's shelter. I learned all about divorce and other family law matters in abusive relationship situations. If you believe you are in danger now, please call 911. But if you are unsure what to do, contact my law firm in Dallas, Texas, and I will guide you through this difficult time.

If you have a pending divorce or child custody case underway and I am your lawyer, I will use your testimonies and any other evidence to strengthen your case for a better case outcome.

Restore Your Good Name — Get The Restraining Order Lifted

On the other side of the coin: You may be the husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend who has been accused of domestic violence. You may insist these allegations are completely false or you may acknowledge your wrongdoing. Either way, you need help to resolve the legal complications. How will you protect your good name, get the restraining order lifted and go on with your life? I can help you discover the solution right for you.

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