Divorce, Custody, Adoption And More In LGBT Families

The Texas Family Code has adapted over time to changing society norms, but perhaps not as far or as fast as you assume. Equality now exists in many areas of family law, but as someone in a same-sex marriage or domestic partnership, you may have unique factors to consider. For knowledgeable, empathetic and up-to-date legal counsel about your particular situation, The Howland Law Firm, PLLC, in Dallas is a valuable resource.

Contact me, lawyer Marianne Howland, to discuss your legal objectives and learn how I can help you plan for:

  • A premarital agreement
  • Clear understanding about any unique factor that may affect your plans to marry — such as the existence of a domestic partnership on the books in another state
  • Parenthood together with your partner or spouse
  • Child custody and visitation after a separation or divorce
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Separation or divorce
  • Property division

Same-Sex Parenthood: Issues To Consider

I can advise you if the two of you are preparing to adopt a child together. I can also help if one of you is a biological parent and the other needs to understand his or her legal standing with the child. The most important thing to know is that the one who is not the biological parent will not be considered the presumptive parent the way a husband would be in a heterosexual marriage. A stepparent adoption will be necessary to confirm parental rights of both.

General Family Law Issues

Are you looking for an attorney to advise and represent you in a same-sex divorce or any legal matter? My years of experience in family law coupled with my passion for people's rights and protection of families make me a logical choice. I welcome spouses or soon-to-be spouses, individually or together, who want to explore parenthood options or marital issues together. I can help ensure you have covered your bases with regard to your property or your children (or expected children).

Whatever your worries, concerns, questions or plans regarding your same-sex relationship in any area of family law, feel free to contact me in my Dallas law offices to schedule an initial $150 consultation. Call 469-616-0521 send an email inquiry.